GPG Seafood tries to make the best use of all the fish that come ashore and for example roe, loans (from backbone) and tongues are processed.

We also work with seasonal products for example lumpfish roe and capelin roe.


GPG Seafood mainly produces frozen cod roe, as well as frozen haddock roe and long roe. The roes go mostly into the European market.

Line boats and liners GPG Seafood procures raw materials for processing and in addition GPG Seafood buys roe from fish markets for processing.


Icelandic lumpfish roe is considered extremely tasty and firm and is therefore well suited for producing excellent caviar.

During the period from May to August, sustainable fishing for lumpfish by small boats is practiced all around Iceland. During this period, GPG Seafood produces lumpfish roe. The roes are mostly sold for further processing.


GPG Seafood produces fresh, frozen or salted tongues and loins (from backbone) depending on demand at any given time.


First-class capelin roe is used in the production of Masago. The eggs are colored, seasoned and dried before being packed in cans and then frozen.