GPG Seafood headquarters and most of its operations are in Húsavík, North Iceland where the company’s roots and history lie. GPG Seafood also operates production in Raufarhöfn and Bakkafjörður, Northern Iceland.

GPG Seafood is 100% owned by Gunnlaugur Karl Hreinsson, who also owns a large share in the seafood company Þórsnes in Stykkishólmur.

GPG Seafood owns a large share in Útgerðarfélagið Dodda ehf, which operates the boat Karólína ÞH 100, ship register number 2760.

In addition to fishing from its own fleet, the company buys fresh and quality Icelandic seafood to process.

GPG Seafood has a broad perspective about society in Húsavík, not only as an employer and an important link in the business community, but also as part of a broader community.

The company participates in various projects in the local area, such as supporting sport teams, youth activities and other community improvement projects.